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Central News Bunbury is your Stationery Shop, Back To School and                                                             South West No.1 Educational Supplier


Every home, school, office needs stationery supplies and we stock a wide range of product in store or online

Our stationery shop includes reflex copy paper,staplers, glue, pencils and other general stationery.

Everyday items such as USB thumb drives and print cartridges.

Central News Bunbury are dedicated at providing top quality school supplies and products for educational purposes. Our educational supplies feature a wide range of text and exercise books, available in store, as well as online. We offer Tudor exercise books, protext exercise books, and Soundwaves book. Apart from school supplies, we also provide sheet protectors, desk mats, timetable CDs, headphones and USBs. We offer free picking and packing service for Back to School products to high schools and primary schools alike. We can also provide you with special orders for school books on demand. Our large collection of items include BTS education supplies, school books and all necessary educational stationary. Pick our products to receive the highest quality on the most affordable price!If you can’t find the stationery supplies you need contact us

Central News Bunbury is your stationery shop and we’re here to help.

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